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The Farm

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This is quite a different location for a Country Cottage Retreat. The cottage sits on a busy working Sheep and Cattle Farm. The Daily life of the farm is a busy one with animals and machinery on the move a lot. It is our wish for you to have a relaxing , fun and above all else a SAFE stay with us!

High Whitecleugh sits within the boundaries of Spango Farm, a busy working Sheep and Beef farm on the boundary between South Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway. The farm sits within the Muirkirk and North Lowther Special Protection Area and is also a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI). The special designation makes this location unique and means we have to be extra careful with our farming practices so we can work alongside a wide array of wildlife. Come and stay and see for yourself.

We predominantly breed Blackfaced sheep which are a hardy breed of sheep that do well on the rugged and wild hill land. We also have a mixture of “in by” breeds such a Texels and Beltex Sheep. Keep an eye out for these animals in the fields around the cottage and see if you can identify the breeds. Lambing season on the farm usually runs from mid March – early May. Some of the sheep are lambed in the shed and others out on the hill. It’s a busy time so if you are staying with us during this period the farm will be alive with activity.

Our Cattle enterprise consists of around 200 breeding cattle which are predominantly crossed with the Charolias and Angus Bulls. Keep an eye out for these big guys during the summer and make sure you stay well clear. More recently we have purchased some pedigree Luing cattle which will be the basis of a pedigree Luing herd. Luing cattle are a mixture of Shorthorn and Highland cattle and were first founded in the Island of Luing making the ideal for our hill farm. These are beautiful cattle with a very distinctive red coat. Look out for them on your walks around the farm.

During the Summer months there is plenty of activity on the farm including sheep shearing and silage time. The sheep are clipped between the end of June and beginning of July to remove their fleeces. This keeps them cool over the summer and allows their wool to be sold. We make silage in the summer to feed the cattle throughout the winter. This requires a number of large machines including a chopper and many tractors and trailers to cart the silage to the pit.

While all this activity on the farm is necessary and at times very exciting it is also really important to us that our guests stay safe. Please ensure that you follow the UK country code at all times as well as some of our more specific rules. Please note dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless in the enclosed garden directly outside the cottage.

Please follow the Rules that must be obeyed while staying with us on this busy working Sheep and cattle Farm.

  1. Follow the UK 'Country Code' at all times

  2. Keep the main gate to the cottage shut.

  3. Do not enter any of the Farm Sheds - including ones that may be derelict.

  4. Stick to dirt track roads and footpaths only.

  5. Beware of machinery and livestock at all times.

  6. Children must be supervised at all times.

  7. Always close gates behind you.

  8. No touching of any livestock or Farm machinery at any point.

  9. If you would like a tour of the Farm or to see the animals up close - please ask in advance :)

  10. Do not litter anywhere on the farm.

The Scottish code "is based on three key principles [which] apply equally to the public and to land managers":

  1. Take personal responsibility for your own actions.

  2. Respect people's privacy and peace of mind.

  3. Help land managers and others to work safely and effectively.

  4. Care for your environment.

  5. Keep your dog under proper control.

For more information follow the link - › ... › The Countryside Code

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