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Best Hill Walks in the local area

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Pack those Hiking Boots, Wellies and a Warm Jacket! Hill Walking is one of the best attractions of coming to High Whitecleugh Cottage!

'Hills for days!'

Get stuck into the great outdoors of Scotland and challenge yourself to get to the top. The views will take your breath away! Whether you love a hill climb or are a newbie, you will fall in love with the exhilarating exercise, feelings of accomplishment and seeing some of the most tranquil Scottish countrysides on offer!

Plan ahead - pack light, with water, snacks, warm clothes, and don't forget your camera!

After a long day of hiking, why not head back to the cottage and rustle up a hearty snack, jump in the hot tub or get comfy on the sofa! ;)

Here are the Best Hill Walks in the area:

Hill walks right on the farm @ High Whitecleugh Cottage:

Start from the cottage and turn to the right, follow the track up to the gate veered to the right, open the gate and keep walking - following the footpath the entire time.. you will come to a river where you can fish.. or keep walking towards the left to a higher part of the farm - keep climbing the hills to the top to views and hills for days. Stop and have your picnic amid the rough terrain and enjoy the countryside.

Tinto Hill:

Tinto Hill Walk Car Park, Biggar ML12 6PD

Tinto Hill is approximately 25 minutes drive from High Whitecleugh Cottage. It is the highest peak in Southern Scotland. From the cottage drive back to the B740 and towards Crawfordjohn and then onto Thankerton to the car park at the foot of Tinto.

Follow the link for more details:

High Whitecleugh Cottage to Wanlockhead:

Approx 12km

From the cottage follow the farm track back to the main B740 road and turn right towards Sanquhar. Take the Forestry track road towards Clackleith and follow this road up a steep ascent towards the remote and currently derelict cottage of Clackleith. Continue through the Forrest and on towards Duntercleugh. As you pass Duntecleugh cottage you will see Wanlockhead in the distance. Keep following the path and you will reach the highest village in Scotland.

Why not pop in to the Wanlockhead inn to refuel or visit the museum of lead mining. If you don’t fancy walking back to the cottage taxis can be prearranged.

Whitecleugh cottage > Wanlockhead > Sanquhar via the Southern Upland Way approx

This walk crosses scenic moorland to the interesting old mining district along Wanlock Water, where it is worth spending some time exploring.

Most of the route is on paths and tracks. There are some short steep sections and the going can be muddy in places. Care is needed with navigation on the highest sections when it's misty.

Google maps for starting point:

High Whitecleugh Cottage to Crawfordjohn:

From the cottage begin following the farm track back towards the main road. At the sharp bend instead of going towards the main farmyard turn left. This will take you to a part of the farm called Kiln Park. Historically there were Lime Kilns in this area of the farm. Follow this track and you will see the white cottage of Auld Schul. This used to be Whitecleugh School. Walk towards the Auld Schul and down to the path along the river. Follow this access track until you meet the main B740. Turn left and continue on for around 3 miles until you reach Crawfordjohn. Once there why not visit the heritage venture at the old church or head to the excellent Village pub 'the Colebrooke Arms' for a pint.

High Whitecleugh to Muirkirk:

Cairn Table, Muirkirk

You can either drive to the bottom of the Cairn table and walk up or walk from Wanlockhead to the summit of Cairn Table - This is quite a tough walk but so worth it. If you like a challenge this is for you!

Edinburgh Arthur's Seat

Probably one of the most famous and accessible hills to climb in Scotland, Arthur's seat (An Extinct Volcano) is in the heart of our Capital City, Edinburgh. It's quite an easy climb and once you get to the top you can see the whole of the City and beyond! Perfect for romantic walks & Views or if you are an avid runner, you could run up and down Arthur's seat and around the surrounding Holyrood park! Breathtaking and the perfect way to see and enjoy the capital city!

For more information click the links below:

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